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Why an interior designer?

10 most frequently asked questions about working with an interior designer.


1. What's the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration?

If your project only entails the furnishings, light fixtures, and some accessories, then decoration is the appropriate service for your needs.

If your scope of work includes new construction specifications or you are working on a renovation of your existing home, which usually includes a concept, a budget and construction then you are looking for an interior designer that has sufficient training and experience to the project. The decisions you make, whether a decorator or designer lead to a comprehensive design concept and specifications, and it's all in pursuit of one result: our stunning space.

2. When should I hire an interior designer?

We suggest hiring an interior designer before or around the time of hiring an architect, builder or general contractor. Knowledgeable designers are able to enhance the project and ensure that you receive the end result that is in your dreams. We're here to guide you and be your advocate through the process.

3. What's the reason for bringing in a designer early in the process?

Let's look at what happens when you don't bring in a designer first--it's like making a movie without a director; there's no one holding the full vision and no one sharing information with the team in a way they are used to processing the information. With a designer on board, you will have someone taking charge of all the decisions, someone who knows exactly how all of the pieces in your very large project puzzle impacts the next, and someone who can, and will, take all of those pieces and create a home that is breathtaking in every way.

4. What role do you play in our project?

Our team is your unbiased expert resource - your advocate who is the liaison between all of your various services: architect, contractor and trades people. We communicate the information on the who, what, where and how of your home to the appropriate parties.

5. How do we express your style?

We dig deep before we start because we want to get to know you on a deep and intimate level. To get there, we set up meetings with the intention of establishing direction through inspirational elements. In those meetings we ask a lot of questions because your answers tell us who you are and what you care about. Your answers tell us what you love, what's sentimental to you and what you want to express about yourself.

After we get to know you, and through detailed consideration, we integrate images that communicate our ideas into a new vision for your home.

6. Can we shop together?

Generally, that's not part of the equation when we work with clients. Our experience has shown us that the key idea of working with an interior designer is to have one person steer the ship. This lets the original design vision be executed seamlessly, effectively and in a way that's truly service oriented towards the client.

7. What if I see something online that looks similar to what you specified for less money? Can I buy that myself?

Imagine baking a cake and having someone else trying to add ingredients at the last minute or frosting it in a style that isn't in keeping with the original intent. The cake won't be as the baker, or in this case, the interior designer intended. It's tempting to do your own shopping to save money, but in the end, we find that it costs our clients in scale and quality mistakes which means that they end up buying items twice and experiencing frustration from the extra costs.

If you want to do your own purchasing, that is fine as long as we know that prior to beginning the project. We ask that you show us your selections before purchasing and if we don't believe the items fit, we'll let you know. You would be responsible for delivery, installation, freight damage and time spent coordinating all of the services.

8. Now that I'm thinking about renovating, I occasionally watch HGTV shows; does your process overlap with what I've seen?

Generally, you're seeing results and only a fraction of the process, and process is a big part of any design practice. Those shows are based on months of pre-planning, but they can't show the prep-work in 22 minutes. So, what you see is the big, flashy and fabulous reveal. We want you to have your big reveal and we'll give you a realistic time frame in which we can make that possible.

9 How do you set a project budget?

The budget is where the realistic picture of your project begins, and we won't start a project without one. A budget is the map that shows us how we can do the best job for you. We will walk your through the process of budgeting based on our extensive experience with interior design. We find that our clients know how much they want to invest, but may not know what is a reasonable budget for furnishings and fees for a project like theirs. We guide you through this process. What you chooses to invest is your choice and our goal is to work within your investment range.

10. What if I want to do most of the work and just need an overall plan?

We suggest working with a firm that specializes in a limited scope such as an overall design plan.

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